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  • How to find the inner purpose of world crisis

    A new crisis emerged in the news, and it’s taking place only a one-day car trip away from my house. It hit me hard. My soul felt the suffering of all of humanity. My hope was struck by the senselessness and the powerlessness that washed over me for a while. Then, something else struck me: purpose. I believe the World, Life, (the Whatever you call the transcendent thing that connects us all), has been trying to tell us something with…

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  • The mind-blowing science of the afterlife

    For over a year now, I have been discovering scientific research on consciousness and life after death. If I had known there was so much mind-blowing research, searching for my life’s meaning would have been an easier enterprise. This post is going to be different than previous ones, sharing a fraction of the research available, things I found deeply thought-provoking. This is the entry door to a life-changing journey.

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  • This coaching opportunity could be for you…

    Following the completion of my degree in psychology last year, I have been training to be a Certified Women’s Coach with One of Many. As part of my training, I am offering a unique opportunity to three women, taking them (you?) through a 12-week coaching program, starting end of March 2022.

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  • Love story: How to have one when we don’t feel worthy

    This week, I am celebrating my 5-year wedding anniversary with my best friend and amazing husband. When I look back at the relationships I had before meeting him, I feel so grateful for the switch that happened in my mind and allowed me to meet him and welcome him into my life. Here is the journey fom feeling unlovable and staying with the wrong people, to deciding what truly matters and never settling for less.

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