wish for it


Wish for it

As I am launching this psychology blog today, I reflect back on how I got here. This site has been under construction for a few months, and it is finally coming together. This idea was slowly growing for a while, having my blog, sharing my thoughts, my ideas, valuable lessons I learned… At first, I had the excuse of time: I didn’t have any, as I was working on a large and time-consuming project (aka getting a university degree in psychology, while working and having a family).

Hope for it

Suddenly, I had my degree and time was less of an issue… but doubt and fear got in the way. You know, that little voice nagging that you can’t do something, it’s impossible, it’s stupid, you’re not capable, no one will be interested, etc. Oh, that little voice, there is much to say about it, and you will see blog posts about it!

Dream of it

It’s OK to have fear and doubt. Those things are crucial for our survival. And it is equally crucial to acknowledge the presence of emotions. But they don’t have to take control. That little voice can, and should, be treated like a loud toddler (something I have plenty of experience with too!). You can hear the little voice, the fear, the doubts, and you can be gentle and firm at the same time: “I hear you, you’re scared, huh? I know you are trying to keep me safe, but that’s my job. Let me show you how we can do this and still be safe. Let’s go!”

But by all means do it…

So, here we are today, I am taking the plunge and launching this psychology blog. Scared and doing it anyway! Have a look, and let me know what you think!

Have you pursued a dream despite the little voice? Do you have dreams your little voice is sabotaging? Share it in the comments…

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